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About us

The Luther Center (LC) is a Campus Ministry of the Lutheran Church (ELCA). If you’re Lutheran, cool. If not, cool. Here are a few things we believe:

  • We take Jesus seriously, and try to follow him…

(sometimes even successfully).

  • We take our faith seriously…

(and the questions, struggles, and doubts that go with it).

  • We take scripture seriously…

(though not always literally).

  • We take you seriously…

(because we care).


In short, we confess God as Creator, Jesus as Savior, and Holy Spirit as Sustainer, and we’re Lutheran, but also confess we don’t have all the answers. We’ll celebrate your faith with you, but we won’t hold your questions or doubts against you, either. To learn more about the ELCA, click here.


Pastor Lisa Heffernan serves the USD community through the LC. Contact us to let us buy you coffee!

Located at the corners of Cherry St and Plum Ave in Vermillion (723 E Cherry St.) the Luther Center facility includes a large gathering room for worship, Bible studies, community events, and more, a Lounge reserved for students to study or play, and a kitchen space. Stop by and check it out.

If you’d like to regularly use or reserve the space, get in touch with us. Student groups have the space for free. Community groups should fill out a building use policy. Everyone must agree to abide by our Welcome Statement .

our Staff:
Lisa Heffernan


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